How do you use a Julep Strainer?

Until recently, we thought there is a right and wrong way to hold a julep strainer. People use julep strainer in different ways including curve facing up, bowl facing down, etc. I asked many people about how they hold their julep strainer and I found that it is a matter of personal preference. Brief History Lesson Julip strainers actually named as their original purpose. The purpose of a julep strainer is to hold back the mint and ice in while drinking mint julip. Usually, this straining task becomes the bar staff job and then Hawthorne Strainer invented. After research a lot about how do you hold a julep strainer? Here is what I have learned. Bowl Facing Down Bowl facing down method is one of the easiest ways to hold a julep strainer. It allows more room for the ice and it fits to mixing the glass better. Especially when you are mixing some cocktails this works well. I personally found this a lot easier to hold. I have little hands and the julep strainer does not fit as deeply in the shaker or glass. The Counterpoint: Hawthorne Strainer The Hawthorne strainer has replaced julep strainers behind the story and only for good reasons. This is the best strainers in most ways and much better than julep strainer. Most of the bartenders like this strainer instead of julep strainers these days. Bartenders only, stick with Hawthorne strainers they said. What is the Conclusion? Strain the Way You Like It completely depends on you that how you hold a julep strainer. For some people, it works better facing down and for some, it works well facing up. So always do what works more efficient for the equipment and your hands. It depends on you how you feel comfortable and how it works best for you to hold a julep strainer.

Finding the best bartending service easily

You might want to hire a bartending service for your birthday party, or even for your wedding, but you don’t know where to start. This is something that can be hard to find because this isn’t something that you are hiring all the time. With these tips, you will be able to find the best bartending service easily and enjoy a party that you will never forget. Search online The first thing that you need to do is to search online for bartending services. Most of these services aren’t advertised in your local newspaper. You want to make sure that you are hiring the best service, and with searching online you will find a couple of these services. When you have found some of the bartending services in your area, you can start doing research about each of them and make sure that they offer the services that you need. You don’t want to make use of a service that is going to embarrass you at your own party. Read reviews about the service The next thing that you need to do, is to read reviews about the services that you consider using. This will give you a better idea about the service that is best to use. The moment that you are reading a negative review, then you should really reconsider using them. You want to hire someone that have just positive reviews and recommendations. Do an interview and make sure that they have the right experience Just like when you are hiring any service, you are asking for an interview. There you are asking them about their experience in bartending and ask them to mix you an exotic cocktail. This is the best way to see if this is the service that you are looking for. Any bartending service should have bartenders with experience. This is why you are hiring an experienced bartender. Otherwise, you could just do the job yourself. And, this is why you should do an interview and make sure that you are hiring someone with the right experience. Hiring a bartending service is easy if you know where to start. The secret is that you want a bartender that is experienced in mixing all the different cocktails, and that can even put up a show. With the mentioned tips, you will find the best bartending service without any problems and you will be able to impress all your friends and family.